3D Artmolds-Seven in One

Rs. 999.00

3D Artmolds is 100% Eco friendly craft toys for children, made by recycled Paper. It is crafted by hand and so every item is unique. It is designed to help  children...

Actions Flash Cards

Rs. 750.00

Bloomy Brain Toy's Actions theme flashcards consist of 24 thick laminated and round-cornered cards.  These 24 cards are printed double side with different actions (example: Swim, Run, Climb etc) images on one...

Animal Kingdom - Bundle Flash Cards

Rs. 1,950.00Rs. 1,657.50

Bloomy Brain Toy's Animal Kingdom Flashcards are 3-in-1 bundle consist of 3 sets of Animals picture in 64 flashcards. GREAT SAVINGS! These 64 cards are printed double side with different animals (example: Animals set1, set2. Birds and...

APJ Abdul Kalam

Rs. 350.00

Fondly revered as one of the greatest leaders our country has ever seen, APJ Abdul Kalam’s journey from an aerospace scientist to the president of the largest democracy in the...

Around the World 6 in 1 combo - Bundle Flash Cards

Rs. 4,400.00Rs. 3,960.00

6 in 1 Combo Kit Bloomy Brain Toy's Around the world Bundle includes World Flag Flash cards set 1  and set 2 These 108 cards are printed double side with colorful flags...

Bhagat Singh

Rs. 350.00

A hero for the people of India, Bhagat Singh’s brave actions made our countrymen rise against the British and eventually paved the way for the country’s Independence. His willingness to...

Birds Flash Cards

Rs. 550.00

Bloomy Brain Toy's Birds Flashcards consist of colorful Birds pictures in 16 flashcards. These 16 cards are printed double side with colorful Birds on one side and the corresponding name in a bigger size...

Bloomy Gift Card

Rs. 500.00Rs. 2,000.00

Perfect Gift choice! Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a Bloomy Brain Toys gift card. Gift cards are...

Brain Bloomers Activity Book

Rs. 400.00

  A perfect fun 60 pages  activity book designed for early learners to teach a specific educational concept. Each page of this book is developed to enhance the basic understanding...

Christmas Flash Cards

Rs. 550.00

Bloomy Brain Toy's Christmas theme flash cards consist of 16 thick laminated and round cornered cards.  These 16 cards are printed double side with different images (Christmas themed) on one side and...

Day and Night Wooden Puzzle

Rs. 1,200.00

Excellent toy that support the development of Cognitive skills and sensory training in children Day & Night is a fun-filled game of logic that evolves in step with your child’s growing skills....

Different Animals Flash Cards

Rs. 850.00

Bloomy Brain Toy's Different Animals Flashcards consist of 2 sets of Animals picture in 32 flashcards. These 32 cards are printed double side with colorful Animals on one side and the corresponding name in bigger...

Different Shapes Flash Cards

Rs. 550.00

 Bloomy Brain Toy's Shapes flash cards consist of 16 flash cards of 2D Shapes.  If you are training your baby for exceptional intelligence then you should consider this set to...

English Alphabet Flash Cards

Rs. 850.00

  26 English Alphabets Flashcards plus 6 activity Cards to teach English alphabets. Your child will love it! An excellent tool to teach early literacy to your child. Created to make...

Expression Puzzle Building Blocks

Rs. 2,100.00Rs. 1,300.00

DESCRIPTION Excellent toy that support the development of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Critical thinking ability in children Expression puzzle building blocks with solution toys for children Play Idea (Can be played in...

Eye Level Toy Bricks

Rs. 1,300.00

Smart and fast fun! Fast and rich in action! Fast visual recognition game. This set comes with 26 pcs includes 9 wooden geometric shapes,  1 balancing board and  32 designs...

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